Eco Tip

At Elmwood, our highly efficient homes prove our eco dedication is more than just words on a page.

Sustainability Matters

Our commitment to sustainable building is significant. Elmwood has been founded on a desire to create a smarter living alternative. The extremely high energy ratings that our townhouses achieve are testament to the determination and hard work we put in to achieve our sustainability goals.

Master Builders Green Living
Master Builders Green Living

Elmwood is a member of the Master Builders Green Living program which identifies us as skilled in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt industry best practice for sustainability in the built environment.

Elmwood have sustainability management policies in place for the following areas:

  • Project planning - developing sustainable living solutions
  • Passive solar - building orientation and efficient design considerations
  • On site management - recycling, waste management, erosion and sediment control
  • Framing and structure - materials selection with minimal wastage
  • Building envelope - double glazing, bulk insulation, materials selection, embodied energy
  • Water conservation - water tanks and water saving fixtures
  • Energy conservation - smart switches and low energy fittings
  • Interior fit out - materials selection, embodied energy, indoor air quality

When you choose an Elmwood home:
- you are dealing with leaders in the delivery of high quality sustainable homes
- you will enjoy a comfortable and efficient home built using sustainable technologies