Eco Tip

Quality inclusions with a sustainable focus make Elmwood townhouses picture and planet perfect.

Sound Design Principles

Good design principles are the foundation of each townhouse within the Elmwood village. Our 7 to 9 star energy efficient homes achieve their rating through considered design, orientation and sound material selection.

Each Elmwood townhouse includes features that further reduce your home's energy and water requirements... smart design means more money in your pocket!

Building Principles for Environmentally Responsible Housing
- Double and triple glazing
- R5 insulation in ceiling space, R2.5 insulation in walls
     Prevents heat transfer / Saves energy costs / Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
- Solar boosted hot water 
- Solar electricity and battery storage
- Rainwater tank with mains water backup
- Waffle pod concrete slab 
- Locally sourced products where available 
- High ceilings 
- Construction waste recycled 
- Passive solar orientation
     Solar efficient placement of windows and verandahs
- Natural lighting
- Water saving tapwear and toilet cisterns
- Soundproofing
- 7 to 9 Star energy rating
- Ventilation and heat/energy recovery systems 
- Weather and air tightness layers 
- Blower door testing

This is a general guide. Items vary depending on plan.