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We have tried to answer some of your common questions but if you’d like to know more contact us.

Answers to Common Questions

Q/ How many townhouses are there in the 'Elmwood' development?
A/ Elmwood is a boutique development of 124 single and double storey town-houses which are 7 to 9 star energy rated, safe, secure and in a community oriented environment.

Q/ What is the selling price for each townhouse?
A/ Due to the enormous variety and scope in the range available at Elmwood, the pricing will vary accordingly. Contact us for a complete guide to our house and land package prices.

Q/ When will the 'Elmwood' development be completed?
A/ Elmwood is being built in four stages. The rollout of these stages is due for completion in approximately 2019. Stage one began in November 2009, stages two, three and four will be implemented as quickly as demand requires.

Q/ What does the eight star rating refer to?
A/ Sustainability ratings are an initiative derived from a desire to improve our environmental impact. In particular there is a move towards more awareness in our forever growing urban development sprawl. There are now building practice codes enforced at a government level that state all new homes must be a minimum of 6 star rated. The Master Builders Green Living initiative is a market leader in providing a set of guidelines for developers to adhere to and provides assistance in achieving the highest environmental standards possible. For further information on the Master Builders Green Living guidelines go to:

Q/ What will the heating and cooling be?
A/ The climate in North East Victoria is one of the hardest climates to gain high sustainability ratings in simply because of the extremes it endures.  The clever design of the buildings will allow for maximum heat retention in winter and cool retention in Summer which will ensure minimal heating and cooling will actually be required. However the designers at Elmwood acknowledge that in this climate it is not possible to avoid using supplementary systems for ultimate comfort. As a result, each house is fitted with a Daiken split system with an inverter which are zoned to allow for areas to be shut down while other areas are controlled.

Q/ Can I select the colour of paint/carpet/curtains in the townhouse I buy?
A/ Yes! Every Elmwood home will be individual.  Once you have decided which floor plan best suits you, the fun begins. The designers at Elmwood have extensively researched the market place to compile a choice of 4 interior concepts that will make for a beautiful and individual finish. From tiles and laminates to fixtures, colours to carpets and blinds to benchtops the design team will assure the buyer a wide range of personal choice without compromising quality, finish, price and design.

Q/ What will the 'Elmwood' development look like?
A/ Taking its inspiration from “Classic Australian” architecture, Elmwood will embody a timeless elegance and offer a sense of calming continuity throughout the entire domain. All of the homes will sit alongside one another as individual designs but with a subtle sense of balance that will make walking down the street feel “just right”.

Extensive landscaping will form an aesthetic backbone for the entire development and again provide a link, tying each individual home into the “Elmwood”community. The public spaces will flow openly and practically. Rear lane access and servicing will ensure safety and aesthetic desires will be met at the highest standard.

Q/ What makes the 'Elmwood' development unique?
A/ With urban sprawl rising as Australia's population surges, it is clear that the 1950s vision of “The Great Australian Dream”, continues to be the main driving force behind many urban housing developments.

However there is an increasing concern about the environmental cost of this dream, along with the apparent unravelling of the supportive “community blanket”, that seemingly no longer exists. In recognition of this societal and environmental concern, perhaps the time has come to reconsider the reality of “The Great Australian Dream”.

Is it still desirable to strive towards owning our quarter acre block to the detriment of fertile agricultural land, with a house twice the size of our 1950's counterparts, isolated within a neighbourhood that doesn't fill us with a strong sense of safety, belonging and community support, in housing that is expensive to build and expensive to run.

With more people concerned about the environment and what they can do to decrease their impact on it, Elmwood offers an exciting opportunity to provide an attractive, sustainable and affordable townhouse development, that will bring together a community of like-minded residents looking for something different.

Located in the heart of Wodonga, Elmwood is surrounded by established parkland, close to schools and medical facilities, only minutes from shopping and recreational hubs and close to public transport.

The desired outcome at Elmwood is the creation of a micro community within the greater Wodonga environment, which offers the opportunity for cultural diversity, architectural sensitivity, neighbourly interaction, strong community spirit and a sense of belonging to all its inhabitants.

Q/ What does the tagline mean?
A/ Love the Living: Elmwood offers a place to call home.
Improve the Balance: Elmwood has been designed to suit individual needs but with a strong sense of community.
Soften the footprint: Elmwood has gained an eight star sustainability rating through its clever use of design, consideration of alternative options and implementation of best practice.

Elmwood Living really is about a life rich in all that makes us happy, healthy and balanced without the compromise.

Q/ What will the security be like?
A/ Security has been one of the greatest considerations in the development of Elmwood. Feeling a sense of security usually comes down to the surrounding neighbourhood. Creating a true neighbourhood is dependent on the residents but if the environment is right and the tools are in place, the likelihood of a supportive, sharing and secure neighbourhood developing are that much greater. At Elmwood, the tools have been provided to enable the community to flourish. Additionally, consideration has been given to the design and layout of streets, “line of sight” from protective neighbours, driveway/garage access from rear lanes to avoid possible footpath hazards, landscaped hedging and tree placement to provide boundaries and directional guidance without obstructing views.

Q/ How will 'Elmwood' retain it's environmental standards after being built?
A/ Much of the environmental management being implemented at Elmwood is taking place at the construction stage: water piping, tanks, double glazing, directional placement of buildings, insulation, waste water management, solar hot water systems. Installing these measures from the outset will ensure the sustainability rating of at least 8 stars will be maintained for the life of the building.

Additionally, the essence of what defines life at Elmwood will appeal to those who are aware of their surrounds, their neighbours, their community and the greater environment so the ongoing maintenance of standards will become of paramount interest to all who call Elmwood home.